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Vitamin C:Yes or No?

Vitamin C as has been written many times as a great antioxidant. It is found across many fruits and vegetables. Also sold in different formulations, many quoting speeding cure of several illness from the common flu thru severe immune conditions. But how much vitamin C those we need to consume? And is it really true that it boost our immune system?. The RDA for adult women and men ranges from 75-120 mg a day. This is what we need to prevent deficiency and developed a condition called Scurvy characterized by swollen bleeding gums and no healing wounds. But besides this known daily requierement investigators have used in higher doses with good result in symptoms associated with cancer treatment; improving pain, fatigue, nausea and energy and also decreasing the growth and progression of certain cancers. Some expert advocate doses from 2,000mg to 5,000 mg a day. Vitamin C contributes to immune system by reinforcing skin cell and serving as barrier to microorganism and accumulating inside defense cells creating chemical enviroment that kill pathogens. Is important to know than even though vitamin C is not produced in the body, over supplementation can lead to : kidney stones, excessive iron deposit in the liver and in some cases hemolysis or blood destruction. 

In the mist of this pandemic, supplementation could play a pivotal role in the prevention and aiding in the recovery process from illness. It is certain vitamin C is beneficial, but it is always a good practice to check with your doctor which dose may be right for you in order to avoid toxicity.


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